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The Practice Papers: Trust Issue


  • Thought leadership strategy

  • Customer and market insights research

  • Creative direction

  • Editorial ghost writing

  • Point of view writing


  • Thought leadership publication

  • Launch strategy and plan


I served as the creative director, chief editor and primary writer for the third issue of Context Partner's thought leadership publication "The Practice Papers: The Trust Issue." The publication aims to influence the national narrative in audience engagement strategy.

In producing the issue, I led a collaborative team of contributors to fully revamp our approach, beginning with 75 prospect interviews and market insights to inform the issue's editorial theme and content. Our design took a deliberate shift from earlier issues to a more editorial, point-of-view driven feel, while the editorial offered more diverse story formats and voices to fully unpack the topic. VIEW SAMPLE EDITORIAL >>


Key collaborators included: Valerie Armstrong (art director), Zach Dundas (writer, Scout Story Lab), Isabelle Swiderski (lead designer, Seven 25)


This is relationship design

In the rapidly changing world of fintech, Intuit’s product designers adapt brilliantly. The key? Stop designing products. Start designing experiences that enable relationships.

Defying retail engagement norms

“Purpose” can be a significant market differentiator. The reality is that if you can’t deliver it, you won’t stand out and you won’t earn an engaged audience.

Following the peatland path

The politics of Indonesian peatlands are fraught. global climate concerns clash with suspicions about international encroachment and peatlands’ role in local and national economies.


The roots of reciprocity

Trabian Shorters came to Context Partners with a bold idea: design an unconventional fellowship that changes the narrative of Black men in America. 

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