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p:  503-880-5308



711 NE 112th Avenue

Vancouver, WA 98684

For more than 20 years, I've leveraged community-informed stories and carefully crafted experiences to build and activate transformative brands, inform community-centered policy, win public support, drive sustainable business growth, secure funding, evoke positive behavior change, build and scale community, and engage audiences to inform critical decisions and designs. 


My career has consistently landed me in complex social industries including energy, water, climate change, education, public health, and sustainable development. I’m a collaborative, strengths-based leader fiercely committed to bring out the best in my team, and to articulate and activate what’s remarkable for every organization I work with. I’m an unapologetic champion of stakeholder voice, authenticity, and accessibility, aiming to forever change how engagement gets done.

In my free time, you'll usually find me devouring a book, stretching my creative writing muscles, or exploring in the mountains on foot or bike.



BARRIERS. Wherever a barrier to ‘something better’ exists, I get immediately curious. What created the barrier? Is it real or perceived? And what will it take to break through? How can we explore that barrier by elevating new voices and/or wider perspectives?

COMMUNITY. What brings people together to solve real problems? How do you nurture and sustain that ‘magic formula’, especially among historically disparate people or by bringing traditionally under represented perspectives to the table? 

EQUITY. The era of experts imposing solutions to those ‘less fortunate’ is over. For every problem, how do we empower those closest to it to play a meaningful role in its solution? How can we build more solutions that are equitable by design?

INCLUSION. The more diverse the perspectives available to us, the richer our world. How can we own our biases, prioritize diversity, eliminate barriers to participation, and cede power to the voiceless, so true inclusion is the norm rather than the exception?

SCALE. I geek out on the interrelationship between scaling "innovative ideas" and the long-term impact of disruption. How do we balance our eagerness to solve wicked problems fast, and our responsibility to the unintended consequences of big, bold ideas?

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