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Water Vision Santa Barbara


  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Stakeholder engagement strategy and plan

  • Stakeholder insights research and feedback loop design

  • Virtual public workshop experience design and facilitation

  • Government affairs

  • Public information campaign

  • Interactive engagement platform experience design


  • Project branding and messaging framework

  • Stakeholder engagement plan

  • Workshop summaries and stakeholder insight reports

  • City response feedback loop report

  • Public presentation slides and graphics

  • Educational videos


Building off a 20-year history of successful water conservation and one of the most diverse water supplies in California, the City of Santa Barbara wanted to set a new bar for effective stakeholder engagement to inform their next water supply plan. Working with a highly collaborative team of City staff and a technical planners, I led all aspects of the project's stakeholder engagement experience design and management, including real-time adaptation to a fully virtual approach as COVID-19 shut things down. 

I led project branding, messaging, stakeholder mapping, selection and recruitment of a 25-member stakeholder advisory group represented by all users and uses of City water, and the design, facilitation and reporting of 5 stakeholder workshops to inform each phase of the plan development. Additionally, I supported all presentations to the Water Commission and City Council at decision milestones, as well as a broader public information and outreach campaign that included articles, educational videos, op eds, an interactive public engagement platform, and a corresponding social media campaign to drive participation.


Our approach helped: surface unforeseen impacts and inequities early and often (particularly related to water rates), rebuild trust with key community orgs, inform both the regional water supply policies, and influence broader shifts in how stakeholders are given a meaningful seat at the City's policy table within future initiatives.


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