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EcoDistricts Impact Stories


  • Data stories

  • Information graphics

  • Annual report design and copywriting

  • Event report design and copywriting

  • Virtual salon experience design


  • Annual report publication and associated email campaign

  • Event report and associated email campaign

  • Information graphics

After nearly 5 years of design, informed by a coalition of more than 100 urban development practitioners worldwide, EcoDistricts launched its Protocol neighborhood-scale development framework and corresponding project certification in 2015. 

In partnership with program leaders, I developed a wide range of editorial stories, informational graphics, visually compelling reports, and virtual salons designed to keep this prestigious group of influencers informed of our progress and results within the first two years of the framework's global launch. 


In turn, the coalition served as a critical promotional arm for EcoDistricts, helping it secure more than 1,500 certification program leads spanning 35 countries in the first month, as well as opening doors to national media and associations to influence the international urban development narrative.

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