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EcoDistricts Certified


  • Program brand architecture

  • Positioning and messaging

  • Website architecture, user experience, wireframing and design

  • Website copywriting and SEO

  • ECommerce and Salesforce integration

  • Go-to-market strategy and plan

  • Trademark implementation


  • EcoDistricts Certified and Accredited Professional brand guidelines

  • Iconography and illustration library

  • Program publications and marketing collateral

  • WordPress website

  • eCommerce system and Salesforce integration

  • "Information Exchange" practitioner media library

  • Interactive global project registry

  • Dynamic user account interface

  • Go-to-market plan

EcoDistricts aimed to forever change the smart cities and green building marketplace by launching the world's first certification for neighborhood-scale sustainable development. After five years of methodology design, the organization was poised to launch the program in 2016.​ The project entailed developing two foundational publications, a go-to-market and stakeholder engagement plan, as well as building the entire customer-facing publications and web interface where the certification process would be managed.

​In partnership with subject matter experts, I built the messaging framework, illustration design, iconography, and publication design for the certification framework  — the "Protocol publication" — and the Certification Handbook, as well as guidelines for the program's trademark implementation.

Working with subject matter experts and our contractor New Why Web and Marketing, I designed the full web user experience including the backend user account area, an interactive global project registry, a practitioner knowledge sharing exchange, Woo commerce storefront, and much more.

​Finally, to support the integrity of the program post-launch, I developed the certified district marketing guidelines, customer intake process, and staff workflow to ensure a stellar experience and optimum brand loyalty.

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