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Persist: Near-Peer College Coaching White Paper


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College Possible aims to influence the national college equity narrative by positioning the role of its near-peer coaches in closing the college achievement gap.

For this white paper, I served as the lead researcher and writer. The publication targets higher education enrollment and student retention decision makers. and aims to influence and convert new leads for the College Possible Catalyze program. 



More than 30 percent of all enrolled college students come from low-income backgrounds. Despite significant investment in on- and off-campus persistence and retention programming by colleges and universities, too many of these students continue to be left behind as they graduate at rates far lower than their higher-income peers.
Today, the degree divide is stark. Students from higher-income households are more than twice as likely to graduate college as their peers from lower-income households. Forecasts indicate that this trend may become even more dire as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic ....

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