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This is relationship design

In the rapidly changing world of fintech, Intuit’s product designers adapt brilliantly. The key? Stop designing products. Start designing experiences that enable relationships.

Money management, business finances, taxes—few tasks generate more anxiety, uncertainty and doubt. Jane in New Hampshire wants to know if she’s filing her taxes right. Susan in Los Angeles dreams of scaling her business but struggles with cash flow. George in Chicago is saving for the down payment on his first home.

Enter Intuit. Behind its suite of products—TurboTax, QuickBooks, ProConnect, Mint—is a vibrant ecosystem of interconnected relationships between consumers, small business owners, the self-employed, and the professionals who can help them make smart financial decisions. By enabling connections at the “seams” of this ecosystem—that space between the pain point, the pro, and the product itself—Intuit is building customer loyalty and powering their prosperity...


This article was ghost written for Amber Wilke Fournier, vice president of sales and marketing at Context Partners, and published in the third issue of their annual thought leadership publication, The Practice Papers, for which I served as Editor in Chief.


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