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One Community Health


  • Customer/patient insights research

  • Bilingual stakeholder focus group design and facilitation

  • Customer survey design

  • Research analysis and recommendations

  • Business naming


  • Customer and stakeholder research insights summary and recommendations

  • Organization name change recommendation

La Clinica del Carino had successfully served a critical healthcare need among the migrant farmworker community of the Hood River Valley for more than 20 years. But when a federal capital improvement grant merged with expanding community health needs in The Dalles, a neighboring and primarily Caucasian community, the clinic needed to explore repositioning itself to appeal to a wider public health audience and expanding business model. 

To inform their regional expansion, I partnered with the clinic to conduct market/competitor, customer, patient and constituent perception research to surface the community's existing relationship with the clinic and the potential ramifications of changing its name and brand away from it's Latinx heritage. I designed and led three focus groups (including one bilingual session with an interpreter) and managed a patient survey that surfaced valuable cultural insights to inform patient experience improvements, while greenlighting the name change. Next, I facilitated a name change planning session with the clinic's senior leadership, ultimately landing on the recommendation of "One Community Health."

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